Who we serve
We serve veterans, first responders, and their families as they transition within roles or out of military and first responder careers into civilian life. 
We understand that changes like these impact the individual and their families often resulting in
  • Increased risk of burnout or heightened anxiety as the military and first responder mindset of ‘thee before me’ resulted in a lack of clarity in personal boundaries
  • Communication breakdowns, avoiding difficult conversations at work or at home
  • Difficulty integrating into the rhythm of family life, their new local community and the workplace with increased risk of relationship breakdowns and fractured family units
  • Butterfly careers, often leading to increased difficulty finding alternative employment potentially branding them unemployable or unreliable
  • Missing being part of something bigger with clearly defined goals and values 
  • Identity and Purpose – I don’t know who I am in this different role, workplace, department or without the uniform and what do I do next?
  • A sense of isolation and abandonment as they had not only left their previous career but also their community
    • Previously their workplace included their community, now they are separated 
These can be symptoms of transition stress

At What Makes the Difference we understand the impact significant changes to career or role content can have on you.  We understand how it can ripple into other areas of your life and we are here to help you and your family find a route through this to a better outcome. 

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