What we do

We work closely with both the individual and their family, understanding that this journey is a shared experience. We recognise the different experiences of each of these groups.

Using a mix of tailored 1-2-1 coaching and group workshops we work with the individual, their partner and their children to help them describe and understand the patterns of thinking and behaviour in their lives.  

When we know how each of us create these patterns we improve our understanding of ourselves and others.  We start to remove the barriers and misunderstandings and move to a place of openness and clarity in our interactions.

From working with us you may find positive outcomes such as:

  • Better Interactions with your family and work
  • Improved family dynamics
  • Increased confidence and calm
  • A clear model to help each family member share their emotions and thoughts
  • Increased understanding and awareness of each other’s experiences
  • Helping you cope with your “Hot Buttons”
  • Addressing and clear up misunderstandings
  • Creating open and positive dialogue to help you be more explorative and curious in what you asking questions – reach a shared understanding
  • We give you the capacity to nurture these skills in your children and family members helping you create positive ripples in your wider community 

You are able to share and tell your story. 

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